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Monday, 14 July 2014

From the Hornet's Nest: "Wrecking Balls ... first Sutton buildings and now Cremorne"

From the Hornet's Nest, a political blog covering "political machinations" in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, recently covered the thorny issues of regeneration and gentrification in its own unique style:

 Sutton Dwellings

The Cremorne Estate

The 'common and the poor' are no longer welcome in the Rotten Borough.

For centuries, all classes of and poor, rubbed along well together.

It was a defining feature of Borough life making it the characterful place it once was-but increasingly less so.

In decades to come it will be just a ghetto for ultra rich foreigners to hide their ill gotten gains, looted from their own impoverished countries.

According to this reader Nick Paget-Brown told her 'that retaining the social mix made the Borough so special'.

Could Nick have been 'avin a larf? Or just lying through his back teeth?

It seems Affinity Sutton have been given the 'nod and the wink' to wreck Sutton Buildings and right behind come TfL ready to smash up the Cremorne Estate.

Hundreds of millions of pounds will be made by forcing out residents, many doing essential jobs in K&C, just so soulless developers can build soulless developments.

A reader writes....

Dear Dame

Yesterday my friends received a letter telling them that the Cremorne Estate Worlds End where they have lived for years is going to be demolished. Apparently the revered Paget Brown is fully in agreement with this. What a hypocrite the man is and how does he sleep at night. When he came to a charity in North Kensington a few months ago I brought up the subject of social housing in the borough. He told me that it was imperative that we keep the social mix as that is what makes this borough so special and that we must keep the levels that we have.

This is the first that the tenants have heard about this but they should not worry because they will be rehoused in DAGENHAM according to the letter. Who said that social cleansing finished with Lady Porter. Many of the families who live there work in local schools and hospitals as well as local government workers. That's a long commute from Dagenham.

The whole estate is in uproar and as more locals find out they will be wondering if they are next. This was kept very quiet and has only now come out after the local elections.


A resident

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