Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Trolls, Troublemakers and Activists

At a recent meeting of the Kings Road Association of Chelsea Residents the leader of the Council proceeded to refer to those who opposed the proposal to build a Crossrail 2 station on the site of the Cremorne Estate as "trolls, troublemakers and activists" out to misrepresent the Council's "good intentions".

We find it interesting that the leader of the Council should see fit to make any comments about those who opposed the Crossrail 2 station given that he has made no effort whatsoever to discuss the issues with us in a meaningful way. How can he know who we are, what we think or what we want when no one from the Council has bothered to try and talk to us, discuss the issues with us or, to be quite frank, engage with us in any meaningful way?

Whether the Council like it or not the truth is quite simple:

The campaign against the Crossrail 2 station was devised, managed and run by local residents - residents of the Cremorne Estate, the World's End Estate, the Lots Road triangle and nearby streets; those whose lives would be affected, possibly blighted, by the construction of the Crossrail 2 station on the site of the Cremorne Estate. The campaign was funded and resourced in its entirety by individual residents, many of whom are now significantly out of pocket as a result.

In other words: the construction of the Crossrail 2 station was opposed by ordinary people who have little or no interest in becoming embroiled in local politics in any way, shape or form. Ordinary people who simply wish to live their lives in peace but who do not take kindly to having their lives disrupted by the Council's schemes and machinations. Not "trolls, troublemakers and activists".

We can appreciate how none of this fits in with the narrative that the Council now appears intent on propagating. It may well be "inconvenient" that we aren't the nasty, quarrelsome, politically motivated opponents they would dearly love us to be, but it is the truth. And it must be frustrating when pigeonholing is rather less straightforward than usual.

BUT: if the Council wants to learn and perhaps begin to understand what happened they only have to ask. If you want to know what we think, believe and want, come and discuss the issues with us. We will willingly discuss what happened, the issues, what you want and what we want. And we will do so in an open and honest manner, with the sole expectation that you will do the same.  

We therefore await an expression of genuine interest and an honest attempt to engage. We hope the Council will choose to proceed constructively rather than simply resort to calling those who disagree silly names.


  1. Sadly, the Leader of the Council reiterated the untruth that "there has been much misinformation about the suggestion that the Council is promoting a station at Cremorne" at last weekend's TMO Conference. But at least he did not call residents "trolls" this time! In other forums he has blamed Labour councillors for this "misinformation".

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  3. To the previous poster: anyone who has been elected is by definition not "self-appointed".

    Despite the TMO's best efforts the Cremorne Estate Residents Association did hold an Annual General Meeting on the 7th of July 2014, did hold elections to it's Committee, and the residents present did elect a Committee of their own choosing by an overwhelming majority. If you do not like who they elected perhaps you should have put yourself forward as an alternative?

    The TMO for it's part need only be aware of the fact that it's actions are being noted well beyond the Cremorne estate.

  4. I'd prefer it if the TMO stuck to doing their job. A lift has been out of action in my block for over two and a half weeks. Not a word from the TMO as to what's happening. This is in an 18-storey tower block with many elderly and disabled residents. Getting that lift working again should be a hell of a lot more important than upsetting some residents on the Cremorne. TMO - get your priorities right!