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Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Mayor's London Plan

The Mayor of London and the GLA are currently consulting on the Mayor's new Plan for London.

You can view and comment on the Plan here:

The deadline for the consultation is the 2nd March 2018. 

Having examined the plan some of the maps in Annex One are causing concern.

In particular the map shown below identifies a large number of areas within Kensington and Chelsea, including what appears to be a large area in or around the Cremorne Estate, as a "strategic site for regeneration".

It is unclear how these areas/sites have been identified.

We must assume that the Council must have pointed them out to the GLA.

The GLA's map of "strategic sites for regeneration":

Another map identifies large portions of Chelsea as suitable for residential development, as shown below.

The GLA's map of sites suitable for residential development:

The Council must identify the locations and boundaries of these areas. 

We encourage everyone to respond to the consultation. 

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