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Saturday, 28 June 2014

In the papers

We made it into this week's edition of our local paper, the Fulham and Hammersmith Gazette:

Many thanks to Alix for covering our story.

The story is also available on-line at:


  1. Excellent article. I am glad this is out in the open, we are very lucky indeed. It seems the KCTMO are indeed a treacherous lot. I am absolutely furious and will do EVERYTHING to oppose the demolition of my beloved home and Cremorne Estate.

  2. You have been told by your councillors that this is all in your imagination, and that nothing was kept hidden, yet still you people go on whining and complaining.
    Just think of all the improvements and jobs that a station could bring to the area, and how a few smart private flats would help improve the neighbourhood.

    1. 'You people' happen to be people that have been in wars, who have families and lives and jobs, who are as law abiding, active members of our societies, as much as you or any other person. We are not to be homogenised as 'you people'. We are individuals, working as a community, living within a neighbourhood, which we share with you. ANYBODY has a right to live in Chelsea, not just the rich and powerful, and by demolishing our homes, it will only perpetuate the stigmatised perception that 'you people' are unfit to live in nice areas, that we are lazy and villainous and uneducated and stupid. To demolish our homes, and subsequently up-heave our lives, is to consider us akin to cattle; easy to herd, easier to dispose of. To negate our existence is both patronising and shameful. 'Improve the neighbourhood' implies that 'you people' were the problem in the first place. Let me tell you, we are no way the problem. It is attitudes like yours that creates problems. There is room for improvement on every street in London, but by demolishing our homes, you are not helping us, but selfishly eliminating any 'problem' for you and leaving 4000 people without homes, causing a greater problems.

      So, get away from your computer screen, you big shot, and walk through our estate, and talk to our residents. We are as human as you are and we deserve to be heard.

  3. If it's all in the imagination of residents why haven't the Council put out a press release? They have a full time PR department more than capable of putting something out to both the local and national press and yet they haven't. They could have responded to this article definitively and didn't. That suggests there's more to this that what's in people imaginations. At last night's Ask Nick event the Councillors present failed to provide any evidence that resident's concerns were misplaced.

    There is no guarantee that a station will provide any jobs. TfL's contractors are likely to use their existing workforce and unlikely to recruit locally (see Crossrail 1 for many examples of just that). The demolition of the shop parade will result in the immediate loss of jobs. jobs that are unlikely to return in any form until many years later. If you want to make a convincing case otherwise you need to be a lot more specific. Vague promises of "jobs and improvements" are all very well but far from convincing when the vast majority of "regeneration" projects across London have failed to deliver many, and in some cases any, of the improvements previously promised to residents.

    Regeneration is about people, not building or places. You need to improve the lot of residents, not displace them to fiddle the figures.

  4. Anyone referring to the residents of the estate, or any other person, as "you people" needs to take a long hard look at themselves.

  5. I saw you at the "Dear Nick" meeting yesterday and you introduced yourself to me at the TFL consultation as a "friend"of the residents of Dovehouse Street. Well, Mr. "friend of Dovehouse Street" you and your friends might well be worried. We are organised, defiant and determined to expose the political irregularities that appertain to this issue. They are already of national interest. We will succeed in keeping our homes and our community intact. I think that "you people" will be shocked to find that who "we are" challenges your preconceived ideas of council residents.

  6. Dear Mr. "friend of the residents of Dovehouse Street" .We are so grateful for your obvious "concern" with regard to the unemployed in this area. As "we people" are of a generous disposition, we concede that it would be of greater benefit to the "other" "20% of the most impoverished people in Britain", for the railway station be built in its original designated site at the fire station. In the proximity of Dovehouse Street.