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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Our Community

The Cremorne community pre-dates the Cremorne Estate.

Terraced houses existed on the site before the construction of the current Cremorne Estate. Many of these houses were bombed during the Second World War when the Lots Road Power Station (which supplied electricity to the London Underground) was targeted by the Luftwaffe. Many families became homeless as a result.

The Cremorne Estate was built in 1954 to rehouse many of these homeless families. Many residents have lived here ever since. The sense of community is very strong.

Our wonderful gardens in bloom

Cllr. Coleridge's assertion that we are "underprivileged" is a euphemism for: "lazy, unemployed and dysfunctional". This is not true. Many of our residents and their families fought in the Second World War. They have worked all their lives, put their children through school and university and are decent upstanding members of society. Their recompense in old age would appear to be to be displaced and have their community destroyed.

The Council should be ashamed.


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